LEGALITY / REGISTRATION - European Commission / Transparency Register

European institutions interaction with citizen’s associations, NGO’s, businesses, trade and professional organizations, trade unions, think tanks, etc. is constant, legitimate and necessary for the quality of democracy, for their capacity to deliver adequate policies, matching needs and reality.

Citizens have a right to expect this process to be transparent and to take place in compliance with the law as well as in due respect of ethical principles, avoiding undue pressure, illegitimate or privileged access to information or to decision makers.

That is why the Transparency register has been set up.

It provides citizens with a direct and single access to information about who is engaged in activities aiming at influencing the EU decision making process, which interests are being pursued and what level of resources are invested in these activities.

It offers a single code of conduct, binding all organisations and self employed individuals which accept to “play by the rules” in full respect of ethical principles. A complaint and sanctions mechanism ensures the enforcement of the rules and to address suspected breaches of the code.

The Transparency register has been set up and is operated by the European Parliament and the European Commission. The Council of the European Union supports this initiative. See for reference the “Official documents” page.